Elizabeth Miller (blooferlady) wrote,
Elizabeth Miller

Newfoundland in August

Here is some short commentary - along with a few photos - of my recent trip to Newfoundland last month. There were 7 of us for our excursion to St Pierre and the Burin Peninsula

First of all, we spent two days/nights in St Pierre. Even though I lived in Newfoundland for most of my life, I had never made a visit to this unique place. St Pierre (& Miquelon) is located about 12 miles off the south coast of Newfoundland (Burin Peninsula). Though it is 2300 miles from France, it is a French territory. We took advantage of the French food (including crepes, bread, escargot, etc etc) and of course le vin! Shopping was great, too. St Pierre is not a place to go for fine weather (tends to be very foggy in that part of the world) but we fared quite well.

Here we are after a night on the town.


Here's a sample of the colorful buildings.


Following the St Pierre visit, we spent a couple of days on the "boot" of the Burin peninsula. Highlight was a visit to St Lawrence where we found out how to get to Chambers Cove.

Chambers Cove was the site of a famous naval disaster during WWII. In February 1942, during a blinding snowstorm, two American naval ships (Pollux & Truxtun) ran aground below the rocky, icy cliffs. There were 203 sailors lost, but thanks to the courage of the residents of St Lawrence and Lawn, 186 others were hauled up the steep cliffs and rescued. Especially poignant is the story of Lanier Phillips, an African-American sailor whose life was forever changed because of his experiences in St Lawrence.

Here is where the disaster took place


For details about this disastrous wreck and the amazing rescue that ensued (including the Phillips story), visit:


Or read the book "Standing into Danger" by Cassie Brown (Flanker Press).

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