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Bram Stoker Centenary 4: "dies mirabilis" - Elizabeth Miller
Bram Stoker Centenary 4: "dies mirabilis"
Now for details about events on the actual day - April 20 - on which Stoker died in 1912.

In the morning Dacre and I attended the symposium at Keats House where we presented our slide show on the Journal (see earlier entry). As part of its afternoon activities, Sam George and her crew had arranged a visit to nearby Golders Green. This is a special place for Stoker enthusiasts, and one which I had never visited. It is at Golders Green Crematorium (London’s first crematorium, opened in 1902) that Bram Stoker’s ashes are located.

The Golders Green Crematorium

About 50 people joined us for this special event. It’s a wonder we all fit into the narrow space! But we did. We moved slowly around the quadrangle so that each of us would have our few moments standing right in front of the urn. It was a special time for each and every one of us.

Bram Stoker's urn. His son's ashes were added several decades later.

Appropriately, Dacre Stoker made a few comments to mark this moment followed by several of us who felt we had something special to say.

Dacre & I left the conference attendees at this point and accompanied members of the Dracula Society with whom we were scheduled to spend the rest of the day and evening. Off we went to the Lyceum Theatre, Stoker's old stomping ground, for a tour and reception.
Here's a cross-section of photos:

l-r: Sir Christopher Frayling, Julia Kruk, Elizabeth Miller, current Lyceum manager, and Dacre Stoker

In the theatre with Jenne & Dacre Stoker

To Bram!

After a light dinner with Dracula Society members, we once again gave a slide-show presentation, this time focusing a bit more on the Stoker family. It was enthusiastically received. A special treat! I was named the first recipient of a new award, the Bernard Davies award for long-term productive research.

Here I am holding the award, a likeness of Count Dracula (as described in the novel).

I will post a few concluding remarks tomorrow.
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lady_green_bat From: lady_green_bat Date: May 14th, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
Great pics, and congrats on the award!
G Marie Baxter From: G Marie Baxter Date: May 15th, 2012 12:32 am (UTC) (Link)
Love the very appropriate bat earrings and pendant!
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